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student and tutor feedback: discussion


A common theme to emerge from the interview with the maths tutor and the student forum is the link between confidence, maths and technology. The tutor is very aware of her student needs and the level of support they need in developing their maths skills, and while she is keen to ensure technology is used to add variety and support student independence she is also aware that lack of confidence in the technology itself can be a barrier.

For the tutor, being part of this project has provided her with a space to take risks and try something new with her students. The feedback from the students has given her the confidence in continuing with using the technology and embedding it into her classroom practice.

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Lessons from the Classroom: Discussion

When the tutor interviews took place in March/April the themes that emerged were around general issues with the technology – general benefits and limitations of it, practical issues around access to it & confidence in using it, both technically and appropriately.

The biggest theme to emerge was the importance and value of collaboration, of having other tutors to meet, discuss and share ideas with. Following these interviews the project has continued, tutors have continued to use the iPads with their students and to share and discuss with those in the group they see in offices and in corridors.

So it was only later in the project that I was able to start to unpick what has been happening in the classroom and to reflect on how the technologies has been used. This evidence comes from my reflection on my own practice and the corridor conversations with all the tutors on the project.

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research journal: discussion

There are two essential aims to action research: to improve and to involve.  Action research aims at improvement in three areas: first the improvement of practice; second the improvement of the understanding of the practice by its practitioners: and third, the improvement of the situation in which the practice takes place” (Carl and Kemmis, 1986. p165).

These are been key aspects to this action research project. A key driver behind the project has been around how tutors involved in action research can improve their practice. This blog, as a dissemination tool, gives a voice to all the tutors who have taken part in the project, but I am conscious that the loudest voice here is mine. I have enjoyed writing this from two points of view:

  1. a ‘traditional’ research report that tells a story: the background, a question, methodology, data, a discussion and findings/recommendations
  2. my reflections on this.

I am a practitioner first and foremost, but I also enjoy undertaking practitioner research as a part of my professional development. I know that I am a better teacher for having fabulous, enthusiastic colleagues who are willing to support me to experiment with different things.  This gives me confidence to go into my classrooms and tell my students that I am trying something new and ask for their help with this.


student feedback: discussion

The key themes to emerge from the student feedback are as follows:

Access to the technology

Most student talked about having some access to mobile technologies and following having access to the clss iPads students talked about how they now used their own technologies to support their studies. Adult students also talked about the impact of having increased confidence in using technology at home with their children to help them with their homework.

If students didn’t have access at home they talked about how they enjoyed using the technology in class and made use of other facilities such as the library.

Technical Skills, Confidence & support of the tutor

When subject specific apps are being recommended by tutors be mindful of the technical skills needed within each specific app. When using subject specific apps the technology mustn’t get in the way of the content. Students talked about how they valued the support from the tutor in terms of the subject they were learning and how they didn’t always feel confident enough with the subject to be able to use an app independently.

classroom activities: discussion

Reviewing the activities I’ve done this year using the iPads as part of my own reflective journal has been really interesting. Before I started the review I felt that I had used the iPads predominantly as student-led activity. Over the year there have been more lessons where I didn’t plan to use the iPads, but I would take them into lesson anyway & let the students self-select if they thought they would be useful.

However, looking back at all the teacher-led planned lessons has given me a different insight into this. I started the project wanting to do something different with the technology, & at times I certainly felt that I had set myself a tough task & the possibilities felt so overwhelming I almost couldn’t figure out the starting point. Read more ►

tutor interviews: discussion

The key themes to emerge from the tutor interviews are as follows:

Access to the technology -

  • distance from the Flexible Learning Center (where the iPads were stored) was an issue.
  • BYOD. Who’s responsibility is it to provide technology to be used in the classroom.

Benefits of the technology

  • mulitimedia: images, audio, video
  • portability: move-ability within the classroom as well as taking it out of the classroom

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