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The student groups

We wanted to involve the students as early as possible in the project.

Cathy’s groups: Beginner/E1 16-18 ESOL group and a Year one Cert Ed/PGCE group.

Cathy got started with her beginner /E1 16-18 ESOL class by taking in a range of images/logos of technologies and asking the students to say whether they did or didn’t have  or did/didn’t use them.

It took longer to introduce the project to the Cert Ed/PGCE group as the students had a range of technologies to become familiar with already. These included the college VLE and the university set e-portfolio system using Google Sites. The group also had a course Yammer page. Cathy felt that the students needed time to get used to these systems before introducing something else new. Read more ►


Reflective Journal

Throughout the project I have reflected on all the different elements within it.

  • I am one of the tutors within the group, an equal with the other tutors in that none of us had any experience of using mobile technologies with students.
  • I have been responsible for the technology – for setting the iPads up, sharing the passwords, organising storage and access.
  • I took a lead in trying to organise meetings with the whole group & the only person in the group that has had contact with each other person on some level.

Tutor interviews were undertaken in March/April 2014. These took the form of unstructured interviews starting with discussing what tutors initial ideas were in joining the project. Read more ►

a reflection on methodology: student feedback

I was always aware that I needed to get student feedback and the importance of gathering data from the tutors’ students in terms of triangulation. But for a long time I really struggled with how to go about this.

First I wrote a questionnaire to try to get feedback from the Teacher Education trainee teachers, but on reflection I don’t think it was a very good questionnaire. I wasn’t too sure what it was I was trying to find out from them or how it fit within my project. I only got about four responses and I’m not sure what it tells me.

I also talked to the maths tutor about how she could get feedback from her students and whether a questionnaire would be appropriate, but I didn’t really pursue this so maybe on some level I was aware that this was not the best tool for data collection from students.

It was when I had my first 1-2-1 with my fabulous #emCETT mentor that I started to gain some clarity on the situation. We talked about some of the activities I had done with my ESOL students and how I had engaged them in the research process. She knew I was aware of the Reflect Approach to ESOL and she recommended that I consider using this kind of tool to get some data from the ESOL students. Read more ►