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Getting Started: Access, Interest & Barriers – maths

Yvonne introduced the project to her two groups (E3 and GCSE maths groups) fairly early on in the year. Before repeating the digital logo task from last year Yvonne felt it was important to introduce the students to the project and to the technology before asking them what they already had and what they already used. Everyone said they were happy to take part in the project. They understood taking part would involve some paperwork-filling and some questions but the focus would be on using the technology and how this would help them with their maths.

Venn Diagram

Digital Logos task


Entry 3 Maths Group Read more ►

Cathy’s story

This project brings together two of my passions: collaborative action research and technology.

Last year’s project focus was on the collaboration and asked ‘What can a group of tutors learn from each other in making effective use of mobile technologies?’

I wanted to follow this up but switch the focus onto the technology. Yvonne and I had worked really well together on the project last year so I was really happy when she agreed to do a joint bid for the emCETT practitioner research project.

In 2013 there had been two main challenges. The first was around the technology. I learned a lot about bringing a set of iPads together to create a class set. I also had a very steep learning curve in what to do with the iPads & I still remember that feeling of being out of my comfort zone. The meetings with the other tutors in the project were so vital in overcoming this. However, the second challenge had been around meeting – timetabling meant that there was not a single time where all the tutors were able to meet together. I was the lucky one that got to meet with everyone and I learned so much from this. Read more ►