June 5, 2014

This blog is written as a tool to disseminate the findings of two action research projects I have been undertaking in a large FE college in the north of England with the support of a small practitioner research grant from the Education and Training Foundation & emCETT.

Blog Structure

I have structured the blog to reflect the sections of a research project, as outlined by emCETT.  I have adapted this structure to allow for opportunities to reflect on undertaking an action research project.

Creating blog posts for different elements of the ‘report’ allows for flexibility in terms of published dates. I have amended the ‘published on’ date to reflect, as near as possible, when specific activities happened.

Ethical Statement

Tutor participants

All tutors are aware of the commitment involved in volunteering to take part in the project and reassured that all data collected will be anonymised, unless specific permission is given to use real names. The potential of providing an incentive of the use of an iPad was addressed through the voluntary nature of the participants.

Student participants

All students signed the agreement in line with the voluntary informed content section 10. (BERA, 2011) and were aware that taking part in the interviews was voluntary, would be recorded and anonymised.

Data Collection

Interviews will be strictly confidential and all information will comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. This blog will be shared with all the participants in order for them to comment on whether this is a true record of their responses.


Issues of confidentiality will be addressed by anonymising the organisation, location and all participants, although it is acknowledged that using a social media site such as WordPress allows readers to follow links to wider social media sites and may allow the location of the college and names of tutors to be identified.

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