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Reviewing the activities I’ve done this year using the iPads as part of my own reflective journal has been really interesting. Before I started the review I felt that I had used the iPads predominantly as student-led activity. Over the year there have been more lessons where I didn’t plan to use the iPads, but I would take them into lesson anyway & let the students self-select if they thought they would be useful.

However, looking back at all the teacher-led planned lessons has given me a different insight into this. I started the project wanting to do something different with the technology, & at times I certainly felt that I had set myself a tough task & the possibilities felt so overwhelming I almost couldn’t figure out the starting point.

Many of the teacher-led tasks have been based around the use of Whiteboard apps. Ask3 was really easy to use; simple to sign into, students could review their videos before saving them & once saved could view each others. Educreations has some extra functionalists: you can type as well as write, multiple pages can be made & you can share the videos via a URL link. But it is clunky to sign into, students can’t review the video before saving it & they can’t see each others without purposefully sharing the link.

Here are the posts from my reflective journal linked to how I have used the Whiteboard Apps in class.

SAMRFor each of these posts I have reflected on how the task fits into the SAMR model. There hasn’t been a single task where the iPads have been used as Substitution., but there has also only been one activity that was a compete Redefinition of a task.

Tasks with the iPads either add functional improvement, usually around ease of access, portability & speed (Augmentation) or allow for significant task redesign (Modification).  Students like them, they don’t like them exclusively, & still see value in traditional laptop/desktop PCs, but they like having access to them & talked about having class access has impacted on their use of their own devices.

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