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Reflective Journal

Throughout the project I have reflected on all the different elements within it.

  • I am one of the tutors within the group, an equal with the other tutors in that none of us had any experience of using mobile technologies with students.
  • I have been responsible for the technology – for setting the iPads up, sharing the passwords, organising storage and access.
  • I took a lead in trying to organise meetings with the whole group & the only person in the group that has had contact with each other person on some level.

Tutor interviews were undertaken in March/April 2014. These took the form of unstructured interviews starting with discussing what tutors initial ideas were in joining the project. Read more ►

a reflection on methodology: student feedback

I was always aware that I needed to get student feedback and the importance of gathering data from the tutors’ students in terms of triangulation. But for a long time I really struggled with how to go about this.

First I wrote a questionnaire to try to get feedback from the Teacher Education trainee teachers, but on reflection I don’t think it was a very good questionnaire. I wasn’t too sure what it was I was trying to find out from them or how it fit within my project. I only got about four responses and I’m not sure what it tells me.

I also talked to the maths tutor about how she could get feedback from her students and whether a questionnaire would be appropriate, but I didn’t really pursue this so maybe on some level I was aware that this was not the best tool for data collection from students.

It was when I had my first 1-2-1 with my fabulous #emCETT mentor that I started to gain some clarity on the situation. We talked about some of the activities I had done with my ESOL students and how I had engaged them in the research process. She knew I was aware of the Reflect Approach to ESOL and she recommended that I consider using this kind of tool to get some data from the ESOL students. Read more ►

student feedback: discussion

The key themes to emerge from the student feedback are as follows:

Access to the technology

Most student talked about having some access to mobile technologies and following having access to the clss iPads students talked about how they now used their own technologies to support their studies. Adult students also talked about the impact of having increased confidence in using technology at home with their children to help them with their homework.

If students didn’t have access at home they talked about how they enjoyed using the technology in class and made use of other facilities such as the library.

Technical Skills, Confidence & support of the tutor

When subject specific apps are being recommended by tutors be mindful of the technical skills needed within each specific app. When using subject specific apps the technology mustn’t get in the way of the content. Students talked about how they valued the support from the tutor in terms of the subject they were learning and how they didn’t always feel confident enough with the subject to be able to use an app independently.

classroom activities: discussion

Reviewing the activities I’ve done this year using the iPads as part of my own reflective journal has been really interesting. Before I started the review I felt that I had used the iPads predominantly as student-led activity. Over the year there have been more lessons where I didn’t plan to use the iPads, but I would take them into lesson anyway & let the students self-select if they thought they would be useful.

However, looking back at all the teacher-led planned lessons has given me a different insight into this. I started the project wanting to do something different with the technology, & at times I certainly felt that I had set myself a tough task & the possibilities felt so overwhelming I almost couldn’t figure out the starting point. Read more ►

student feedback: ESOL

This ESOL tutor came to peer observe the lesson where I got student feedback on using digital technology generally & the class iPads specifically. Following this, the tutor took the resources from this lesson & adapted them for her adult E3 class.

We had hoped to write a joint post about this class, however circumstances have not allowed us a chance to do this yet.

Here are the links to the educreation videos her students made:



*please note you will need an educreations account to view these videos



research journal: ESOL feedback

The Plan

To give my ESOL students an opportunity to share about their use of digital tools in general and how we have used the iPads in class this year specifically.

The Preparation

As this is a low level ESOL group I needed to think about how I could be sure that students were giving informed consent to be allow their work and their views to be included in the project. I took advice from someone doing his phD in digital literacies & collated logos for different technologies we had used in class over the year and technologies I thought students may use at home.

The lesson Read more ►

student feedback: my ESOL class

The students worked so hard sharing how they used different technologies in class and at home.

While the students were working in groups, cutting and gluing the icons and sharing how they used technologies gave me a chance to go around and talk to them individually. What was challenging about this was that I was so busy talking with the students that my notes were quite brief.

College and home use

Here one student talks about how what she uses at home and on the bus as well as in college.

Another student talks about how he practices reading and listening in English by using his mobile phone and playing games that are in English. Read more ►

student forum: maths

The maths tutor introduced me & reminded the students about how using iPads was something new for her this year. I introduced the ethics form and the students signed the consent forms.

On the IWB I had a Google Docs displayed with three main headings:

  • What have you used iPads for?
  • What would you like to use them for?
  • What are the barriers to using the iPads for learning?

I typed notes directly into the document so that the students were able to see how their contributions were being recorded. The following themes came out of the discussions:

Ease of use Read more ►

student interview: trainee teacher

During the interview with the Teacher Trainer she spoke about a trainee teacher who was using subject specific apps in her practice. This trainee teacher works in the science department within the college and she agreed to be interviewed for this project.

Here are the themes from this discussion:

Subject specific apps & different devices

There are a several good apps available. For example, the AQA (awarding body) app is being used as an assessment tool at the end of class by linking the tutors iPhone to the IWB screen through the VGA cable that she has borrowed from me.

However, she has a Windows tablet which has better quality science apps available than the iPhone, which she would like to use in her classes. However, there is no cable available in college to link her Windows tablet to the college IWB and she feels, while she doesn’t mind using her own devices to support the whole class activity, she doesn’t want to have to buy the hardware to link these to college systems or give out her own device for students to use individually.

Current & potential use Read more ►