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An update and some maths apps

GCSE – still not using the class iPads but we are having discussions about different apps and giving them the choice about whether they want to download them themselves. recommended apps Ss have used are:

photomaths - With this app you can take a photo of an equation (it can’t be words or handwriting)). The app then gives the answer and an explanation of the steps taken to solve it.

This app has been shared by various different people. Sean (a mahts tutor) told Dionne (a GCSE student and a LSA in college) who told the GCSE group about it.

GCSE maths geometry – This app has 14 different categorgies for geometry, with 10 quesitons on each. I like this because the feedback is good – once you have completed the quiz there is a clear expanation of the right answer. This app has been recommended to the GCSE group and I know of at least one student who has paid for the app and says she’s finding it useful.

I found this by ‘playing’. I put GCSE in the app store search, this app came up & I liked it enough to recoemmned it. I like apps that are easy to use and useful. I don’t want anything where the technology is too hard and gets in the way of practicing the maths. Read more ►

research journal: maths apps

Co-incidental meetings in the corridor would often lead to discussions about how we were using the iPads. After one such meeting with the Maths tutor, she made a decision there and then that ‘Today is the Day’. She went to collect the iPads and she introduced them to her students for the first time.

The plan:

To let students go directly to the app store to search for maths apps to download and evaluate.

The Preparation:

She ensured that she had the iTunes password that she could share with the students (there is no credit card attached to the account so only free apps can be downloaded)

The first class: Read more ►