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Discusssion – methodologies of research

Coming to terms with, and recognising, that ethnographic research places the researchers in a dual position – we are the subject of the research as well as the object – has been, and continues to be, a challenge.

There have been many variables including:

1. the tutors. Cathy, Yvonne and Mo have each arrived at the project with different experiences of both undertaking research and using technology in the classroom.

2. the students. The student groups used are all very different. The two 16-18 year old groups vary wildly – from a low level ESOL group to a E3-L2 (first language) group. The adult groups have been equallly diverse in backgrounds and needs. Read more ►

Discussion – SAMR Model

The discussions between Yvonne, Mo and Cathy have never focused on the SAMR model.

Yvonne has ben very clear throughout the project that the focus of the iPads has been on using the maths apps, and giving the students the opportunity to explore these apps independently in the class.

Student- Led ApproachesWhen Mo joined the project this was an approach she also took with her groups. She asked the students what apps they would like to use and how they would help them with their English. Read more ►

Discussion – educational benefits

This was our initial question:

What are the educational benefits of using mobile technologies in a classroom setting?

As the project went on we started to struggle with this question. We were questioning the question itself – especially the term ‘educational benefit’ and it became clear that we didn’t know what an educational benefit was, so how could we answer the question about how mobile technologies link to this?

As we were reviewing the data and discussing what was meant by ‘educational benefit’ we discovered that we could define it ourselves.

We define ‘educational benefit’ as: Read more ►

Discussion – learning from long(er) term action research

Getting started with exploring new technologies and new pedegogies can be a challenge.  Both Yvonne and Cathy overcame barriers last year in getting started and Mo (and Farah) has experienced the same barriers this year. Mo really appreciated knowing that how she was feeling is how we’d felt last year, and this supported her in taking the plunge. Another issue has been the tutors’ nerves about introducing the technology to the students – are we using the tech in an appropriate way? How will students respond to the tech?

What we learned this year is that if the students respond positively then this is really exciting and opens more doors to the tutor exploring what is possible with the technology.

If the students don’t like it, don’t use it. Read more ►