student feedback: discussion

The key themes to emerge from the student feedback are as follows:

Access to the technology

Most student talked about having some access to mobile technologies and following having access to the clss iPads students talked about how they now used their own technologies to support their studies. Adult students also talked about the impact of having increased confidence in using technology at home with their children to help them with their homework.

If students didn’t have access at home they talked about how they enjoyed using the technology in class and made use of other facilities such as the library.

Technical Skills, Confidence & support of the tutor

When subject specific apps are being recommended by tutors be mindful of the technical skills needed within each specific app. When using subject specific apps the technology mustn’t get in the way of the content. Students talked about how they valued the support from the tutor in terms of the subject they were learning and how they didn’t always feel confident enough with the subject to be able to use an app independently.

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