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Recommendations: to managers

Recommendations to managers

  • Allow tutors the freedom to take risks in their classroom
  • Consider offering JPD as part of a wider CPD offer within the college.
  • Consider how to encourage tutors to take part in peer observation with colleagues both within and across departments.
  • Consider how undertaking collaborative action research responds to the new Professional Standards, for examples:

1.  Reflect on what works best in your teaching and learning to meet the diverse needs of learners

4.  Be creative and innovative in selecting and adapting strategies to help learners to learnprof_standards

6.  Build positive and collaborative relationships with colleagues and learners

10. Evaluate your practice with others and assess its impact on learning

15. Promote the benefits of technology and support learners in its use

20. Contribute to organisational development and quality improvement through collaboration with others

Recommendations: to tutors

Whatever your experience with using technology both in and outside of your teaching role, your own digital literacy skills or opinions on the role of technology in education we have to accept firstly, that students generally like using technology in the classroom and secondly that the notion of ‘technology’ is a moving beast – that technologies come and go.

With these key issues in mind I would recommend:

  1. Find a partner or small group of tutors who can experiment together with new technologies. Having a sounding board for ideas, inspiration and the sometimes needed little push is a really valuable aspect of professional development.
  2. Get a trusted colleague to come into your classroom for a peer observation. There is huge value in getting another perspective,  both in terms of reassuring you about what is working well and getting objective feedback to help figure out what you can do to improve it.
  3. Involve your students in your experimenting. Let them know that you are trying something new and why and that you need their help in figuring out if it works or not.

student feedback: ESOL

This ESOL tutor came to peer observe the lesson where I got student feedback on using digital technology generally & the class iPads specifically. Following this, the tutor took the resources from this lesson & adapted them for her adult E3 class.

We had hoped to write a joint post about this class, however circumstances have not allowed us a chance to do this yet.

Here are the links to the educreation videos her students made:



*please note you will need an educreations account to view these videos



research journal: peer observation

I was so pleased that one of my colleagues from the project was available to come peer observe me for this session. The feedback was so positive it was reassuring to hear how well the students engaged with the task and I got a different perspective on the lesson.

Involving students in research

I think the most reassuring thing for me was around knowing that the students had given informed consent to take part in the research, to be videoed and for me to share their work with others. This was an area that I had struggled with a lot around exactly how I was going to get feedback from my students. Read more ►

research journal: ESOL feedback

The Plan

To give my ESOL students an opportunity to share about their use of digital tools in general and how we have used the iPads in class this year specifically.

The Preparation

As this is a low level ESOL group I needed to think about how I could be sure that students were giving informed consent to be allow their work and their views to be included in the project. I took advice from someone doing his phD in digital literacies & collated logos for different technologies we had used in class over the year and technologies I thought students may use at home.

The lesson Read more ►

research journal: ESOL apps 2

I was so pleased to have a week to reflect on how the lesson had gone with the ESOL quote 2students and I was also fortunate to have an ESOL tutor come to peer observe me.

The plan: The biggest challenge I found for this lesson was the level of my students and what language they would need to review their apps. It took me a while to think about how I could simplify this enough & give them the language they would need.

model text

model text

Read more ►