interviews: maths tutor

We started the discussion reviewing the tutor’s initial ideas in taking part in the project.

Her aims in taking part in the project were:

  • to introduce how the internet works (to show that there is a LOT of useless information) & evaluate maths games and quizzes.

Confidence to Get Started

The iPads were first taken into class following a chance corridor meeting, which gave the tutor the initial confidence to get started.

The tutor talked about her own barriers in terms of confidence in using technology & in hindsight she wishes she had started sooner, maybe within the first 2-3 weeks of the course.

Benefits and Drawbacks

The benefits are that students like them. Many of the students don’t have a lot of money so it’s good for them to have access to this technology on college as it gives them a different learning tool and adds variety as well as giving students choice (with guidance).

One drawback is around student confidence, both in terms of maths and IT confidence. For example, if they are in app that suddenly crashes or closes down this can impact on the students confidence as they don’t know what it’s happened and they may think they have done something wrong. Another drawback is the initial investment of time needed when students aren’t confident with the maths or the technology.

Impact on students

  • more comfortable with technology
  • they think that maths is fun
  • the competitive nature of the games mean they have to do quizzes faster
  • unsure that the students would say they had learnt anything from using the iPads. She would hope that they they would be more confident.
  • 2 students tried to download some apps onto their own phones and helped each other do this (audio evidence)
  • other students lack confidence and need a lot of support both in maths and in using technology so doesn’t think they will use these in their own time without that support


  • problems accessing the wifi.
  • some apps needed the wifi, some didn’t.
  • free apps only have limited functionality.
  • had a period of not using them following tutor being absent due to illness.


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