tutor interviews: discussion

The key themes to emerge from the tutor interviews are as follows:

Access to the technology -

  • distance from the Flexible Learning Center (where the iPads were stored) was an issue.
  • BYOD. Who’s responsibility is it to provide technology to be used in the classroom.

Benefits of the technology

  • mulitimedia: images, audio, video
  • portability: move-ability within the classroom as well as taking it out of the classroom


  • potential ideas vs knowledge of technology. Tutors had ideas of activities they wanted to do with students, which included making use of the benefits of the technology such as audio and images, but with limited time to fully explore these features


Everyone talked about the importance of discussion and sharing ideas with each other, but we never overcame the practicalities of finding a time where we could all meet. However, there was value in the spontaneous and planned meetings between myself and individual tutors.

There is evidence of discussions happening in offices having an impact on other tutors. For example, a third ESOL tutor requested use of the iPads as she was aware of alphabet apps that she thought would be very useful for her beginner adult ESOL classes. In addition to this a science teacher trainee from the Teacher Education class also joined the project in May as a direct result of the Teacher Education tutor introducing the iPads in their class.


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