student and tutor feedback: discussion


A common theme to emerge from the interview with the maths tutor and the student forum is the link between confidence, maths and technology. The tutor is very aware of her student needs and the level of support they need in developing their maths skills, and while she is keen to ensure technology is used to add variety and support student independence she is also aware that lack of confidence in the technology itself can be a barrier.

For the tutor, being part of this project has provided her with a space to take risks and try something new with her students. The feedback from the students has given her the confidence in continuing with using the technology and embedding it into her classroom practice.

Teacher Education

The key theme to emerge from both the Teacher Education interview and the trainee teacher interview was that of BYOD and the variety of devices & how these can be used to support collaborative learning and assessment activity.

The Teacher Education tutor talked about the importance of her role to embed the use of technology into her sessions to allow the trainee teachers the opportunity to collaborate, share and discuss how this range of technologies could be used within their subject specialism. For mobile technologies, this meant recognising the variety of devices available to individuals and how these can best be utilised in individual classes.

The trainee teacher in turn talked about how she was using her own devices in class. She was happy using her own single device as a class led assessment task but was not comfortable with letting individual students use her device. However, where students were bringing their own devices into class she was aware of the variety of devices and confident in thinking of how she could use these to support teaching and learning.


A big theme for me this year has been around feeling out of my comfort zone. I was teaching a new age group (I had previously only taught adults), I was teaching two new curriculums (PSD and functional skills ICT) and I was trialling using new technologies. Having the support of all the tutors in this project has been hugely beneficial, I have learnt something from all of them. I have also learnt a lot from my students. So many times I would go into class and tell them I was trying something new today, feeling nervous about it and would they help me. They always would. And involving them in my research through asking them to evaluate apps and to share their digital activities was so insightful. Next year I certainly want to think about a more structured way that I can include my students in my action research project.

ESOL tutors & Foundation Studies

As I interviewed these tutors in April I was unable to find out if they had any feedback from their students. The foundation studies tutor & I never managed to meet again to discuss the project. I did see the two ESOL tutors & I know one of the tutors (who came to peer observe me) adapted my resources to get feedback from her students. Unfortunately, personal circumstances has meant that we have not met to discuss this as I write this (but I’m sure we will catch up once the new term starts again)

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