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a reflection on methodology: my voice in the project

One thing that I struggled with a lot during the data collection and data analysis part of the project was how I could include my experiences in this final project report. At one point I wondered if I needed to have someone come to interview me, in the way that I had interviewed the other tutors, but this didn’t feel right.

Recognition that a reflective journal was a valid data tool for action research came quite late in the project & drawing on posts from my own blog & more informal notes I have made throughout the year has been a really valuable data tool.

Having the support from my mentor at emCETT was really valuable to help me recognise what I had to contribute to the project. Although I had taken a lead in terms of coordinating the meetings and setting up the iPads, in terms of using the iPads in class with my students I was very much an equal with the other tutors. Read more ►