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There are two essential aims to action research: to improve and to involve.  Action research aims at improvement in three areas: first the improvement of practice; second the improvement of the understanding of the practice by its practitioners: and third, the improvement of the situation in which the practice takes place” (Carl and Kemmis, 1986. p165).

These are been key aspects to this action research project. A key driver behind the project has been around how tutors involved in action research can improve their practice. This blog, as a dissemination tool, gives a voice to all the tutors who have taken part in the project, but I am conscious that the loudest voice here is mine. I have enjoyed writing this from two points of view:

  1. a ‘traditional’ research report that tells a story: the background, a question, methodology, data, a discussion and findings/recommendations
  2. my reflections on this.

I am a practitioner first and foremost, but I also enjoy undertaking practitioner research as a part of my professional development. I know that I am a better teacher for having fabulous, enthusiastic colleagues who are willing to support me to experiment with different things.  This gives me confidence to go into my classrooms and tell my students that I am trying something new and ask for their help with this.


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