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I have really enjoyed taking part in this action research project. I had the opportunity to write a proposal for my own project as part of the college’s Whole Organisation Approach, but having met with Cathy and Yvonne and seen the work they were doing I thought it was a great opportunity to try action research by joining their project.

I have learned so much this year. My own confidence in both using the iPad myself and having a better understanding of how they can be used with students has really grown and I am really keen to continue with the project next year.

I will have new groups in new locations, and first I need to find out what mobile technologies are available. I really want to start using them straight away with the students so that I can ensure they are introduced as a learning resource right from the start. I want to choose the right group to use the technology with, as I am still not 100% confident using them with large groups I want to keep with my small groups. I also think the iPads will have a greater impact on a smaller group.

One area I would like to explore further is how can I get the iPads linked up to the IWBs so that I can give speedier feedback to students.

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Cathy and undertaking another action research project next year.

Learner feedback: Mo’s functional skills students

June 16, 2015Data 14-15, Mo

The students were asked to evaluate the use of the ipads

The questions asked were:

1. What was the best thing about the class ipads?

The students expressed how they enjoyed being able to do independent research, being given time to explore the apps available, using the online dictionary ( thesaurus (Visual Thesaurus), use the exisisting apps on the desktop and being given time to play freely on the ipad as a reward at the end of  sessions.  Some students said they enjoyed sharing their knowledge of the ipad with others who were not familiar and they expressed they felt confident in doing so.

Students were given the opportunity to evaluate each session and what they had learnt and they felt this was a good idea to record our activities on the notes app on the ipad. Read more ►

Mid-point review: Learning & Tutor Feedback: Mo’s students

May 7, 2015Data 14-15, Mo

Student feedback

Every time we used the iPads I got some informal feedback from the students. The students say they prefer the iPads to using the netbooks. One student had asked that they use the iPads to do some project-type work. He asked if they could use the camera on the iPad to take photos, eg around town. The students said didn’t want to use them ‘just for the sake of it’, but were never really clear about what this meant. They would use the ‘free time’ activities to go onto FaceBook even though we’d agreed not to do this.

Tutor thoughts Read more ►

Getting Started: Access, Interest and Barrier – Functional Skills English

April 30, 2015Data 14-15, Mo

Mo – we need a section here about the first few times you took the iPads into your classses.

Mo’s story

Just after the start of the autumn term started, I was approached by my manager Mat, who asked me if I would be interested in using mobile technologies in the classroom in the form of ipads.  My initial thoughts were that I didn’t have much knowledge of the ipad so how could I start to use these with students who may have a lot more knowledge than I have. My daughter has one but I haven’t used it for much other than surf the internet. I am a confident user of a personal computer and its applications and I have qualifications up to Level 3 in ICT but an ipad seemed different.

After further consideration I decided to meet up with Cathy in December. At our initial meeting I was put at ease, Cathy shared her experiences and ideas of using the mobile devices with her students in the classroom and I began to feel that this was something that I could do too. At a further meeting Yvonne also shared her experiences with me; she felt exactly how I felt. Her thoughts were similar to mine ‘Was it worth it’, ‘Do I have the time?’ and ‘Have I got the confidence to do this?’ Having heard their experiences, I began to feel better about the idea knowing that I had their support if needed. A collaborative approach was what I needed. Read more ►

Some of Mo’s wider reading

March 31, 2015Lit Review 14-15, Mo

try teaching with ibooks

The Wordflex Touch Dictionary uses intuitive “mind-mapping” technology to turn word entries into dynamic trees that you can move, shape, rearrange, save and share with touch gestures. Developed exclusively for iPad in association with the Oxford University Press.


I’ve already got a whole bunch of dictionary apps on my iPad, including the excellent, which is free, so I hesitated for quite a while before dowloading the Wordflex Touch Dictionary. However, having read a couple of very positive reviews (see below), I decided to take the plunge. The fact that the app has just been reduced from a hefty $24.99 to a more affordable $11.99 was the clincher. And I have to say I don’t regret my purchase. This is an amazing app which turns exploring the meanings of words into a fun experience. The audio pronunciations in U.K./U.S. English are a real bonus for learners too. Read more ►