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Reflective Journal

Throughout the project I have reflected on all the different elements within it.

  • I am one of the tutors within the group, an equal with the other tutors in that none of us had any experience of using mobile technologies with students.
  • I have been responsible for the technology – for setting the iPads up, sharing the passwords, organising storage and access.
  • I took a lead in trying to organise meetings with the whole group & the only person in the group that has had contact with each other person on some level.

Tutor interviews were undertaken in March/April 2014. These took the form of unstructured interviews starting with discussing what tutors initial ideas were in joining the project. Read more ►

a reflection on methodology: tutor interviews

tutors and curriculum areas

tutors and curriculum areas

An unstructured interview was chosen as it allowed for the different approaches each tutor had taken to engaging with the class set of iPads. Depending on each tutor’s response the interview could evolve organically.

Another advantage of the unstructured interview, to be completely honest, was that in March/April when the interviews were scheduled, I was struggling to really get my head around the whole project. It felt quite big & I didn’t have a very clear picture about what I was looking for. I was disappointed that there hadn’t been more opportunities for the whole group to meet as this was something that I had really hoped would drive the project.

Therefore, the interviews were a genuine chance for me to meet with each tutor and discuss their projects and share ideas.

Looking back now, I think the interviews were an important stage of the project & there were several outcomes from them: Read more ►

tutor interviews: discussion

The key themes to emerge from the tutor interviews are as follows:

Access to the technology -

  • distance from the Flexible Learning Center (where the iPads were stored) was an issue.
  • BYOD. Who’s responsibility is it to provide technology to be used in the classroom.

Benefits of the technology

  • mulitimedia: images, audio, video
  • portability: move-ability within the classroom as well as taking it out of the classroom

Limitations/barriers Read more ►

interviews: maths tutor

We started the discussion reviewing the tutor’s initial ideas in taking part in the project.

Her aims in taking part in the project were:

  • to introduce how the internet works (to show that there is a LOT of useless information) & evaluate maths games and quizzes.

Confidence to Get Started Read more ►

student interview: trainee teacher

During the interview with the Teacher Trainer she spoke about a trainee teacher who was using subject specific apps in her practice. This trainee teacher works in the science department within the college and she agreed to be interviewed for this project.

Here are the themes from this discussion:

Subject specific apps & different devices

There are a several good apps available. For example, the AQA (awarding body) app is being used as an assessment tool at the end of class by linking the tutors iPhone to the IWB screen through the VGA cable that she has borrowed from me.

However, she has a Windows tablet which has better quality science apps available than the iPhone, which she would like to use in her classes. However, there is no cable available in college to link her Windows tablet to the college IWB and she feels, while she doesn’t mind using her own devices to support the whole class activity, she doesn’t want to have to buy the hardware to link these to college systems or give out her own device for students to use individually.

Current & potential use Read more ►

interviews: Teacher Education tutor

We started the discussion reviewing the tutor’s initial ideas in taking part in the project.

Her aims in taking part in the project were:

  • to allow students to explore iPads and available apps
  • to introduce BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) into sessions to allow for the opportunity to explore different devices as well as different apps

Student presentations on how they have included emerging technologies in their practice: Read more ►

interviews: ESOL tutor

We started the discussion reviewing the tutor’s initial ideas in taking part in the project (this tutor had been unable to attend any of the group meetings including the first one where we shared our initial ideas.)

Her aims in taking part in the project were: Read more ►

interviews: ESOL & Foundation Studies tutors

These tutors were interviewed together.

Foundation Studies Tutor

How she had used the iPads:

  • The iPads were used for a specific project around designing an imaginary garden

Benefits: Read more ►