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Find Time to Talk

Throughout this project it has been nice that we have had the “time to talk”.  With only two of us at the beginning it felt that we had time to talk, support and encourage each other.

A key factor in this is that we have had the same time spot free (we always met at 3.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon).  This was not the case last year when there were 5 people involved in the project and Cathy had to meet everyone at a different time and place.  Read more ►

Different levels. Different opinions.

A key theme to come out early on in the project was around how the different level courses were using technologies. The higher level groups, the GCSE maths students and the Cert Ed/PGCE students, all had access to their own technologies and having access to college iPads was not a priority for them. Read more ►

Learning Models

learning model


The SAMR model doesn’t fully work for describing using a class set of iPads. It is a useful model for considering teacher-led activities, but the tutors in this research have had a stronger focus on student-led activities. It is at this point that the SAMR model falls down. Read more ►