research journal: peer observation

I was so pleased that one of my colleagues from the project was available to come peer observe me for this session. The feedback was so positive it was reassuring to hear how well the students engaged with the task and I got a different perspective on the lesson.

Involving students in research

I think the most reassuring thing for me was around knowing that the students had given informed consent to take part in the research, to be videoed and for me to share their work with others. This was an area that I had struggled with a lot around exactly how I was going to get feedback from my students.


Language within the lesson

language promptsThe task (to put the icons onto the Venn Diagram) was given & students encouraged to share their own experiences with each other. Then, only later in the lesson as students were starting to record themselves, the class was brought together to provide them with some simple structures they could use. This language was introduced quite ‘informally’ and was based on what the students needed to be able to communicate their ideas more accurately.



Student Discussions

I know I had a mild panicĀ at one point in the lesson when I looked up & it appeared that all the students were watching You Tube clips. However, the tutor reassured me that while I was busy with individual groups, the others were genuinely interesting in telling each other about what they liked and finding things to show each other. They were not ‘just’ watching You Tube.


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