Reflective Journal

Throughout the project I have reflected on all the different elements within it.

  • I am one of the tutors within the group, an equal with the other tutors in that none of us had any experience of using mobile technologies with students.
  • I have been responsible for the technology – for setting the iPads up, sharing the passwords, organising storage and access.
  • I took a lead in trying to organise meetings with the whole group & the only person in the group that has had contact with each other person on some level.

Tutor interviews were undertaken in March/April 2014. These took the form of unstructured interviews starting with discussing what tutors initial ideas were in joining the project.

Student feedback. The tutors on the project were encouraged to gather feedback from their students on the use of the class iPads. Feedback has been gathered in the following ways:

Teacher Education trainee teacher questionnaire and interview.

Following the interview with the Teacher Education tutor I developed a short questionnaire using Google Forms which was sent to all the trainee teachers on the course. There were limited responses and the design of the questionnaire was poor so no usable data was available.

A 1-2-1 interview was organised with a biology teacher trainee, who subsequently joined the project and made use of the class iPads with her science group.

Science student interview

Unfortunately, the date arranged for me to interview the students was during revision week and only two students were in class and they requested they used the time to revise for upcoming exams.

Maths students interview

This group forum took was an unstructured interview. Notes from the forum were made on a Google Docs form displayed on the IWB so the students could see their responses being recorded as they spoke.

ESOL student feedback

The ESOL tutor who undertook the peer observation of this session did a lesson with her E3 group to get feedback on how they use technologies at home and in class.

My ESOL student feedback

A lesson was designed in order for the students to have the opportunity to share how they used technology both in the class and at home.



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