a reflection on methodology: the research question

For a long time I struggled to pinpoint what exactly the research was, particularly in relation to a focus on the technology or a focus on the collaboration between the tutors.

What I didn’t have clear in my mind was whether the tutors involved in the project were the research question itself, or whether the tutors were the methodology I was using to collect data on using the technology.

I don’t think I have any concrete answers to how we can effectively use the technology. The technology is moving so fast and you become familiar with one tool and it disappears. This has been true in the past and is still true today, as I have invested a considerable amout of time on Ask3, only for it to be discontinued.

I can share what I have learnt this past year and I hope that this gives some inspiration for someone to explore something new, but the biggest thing that has supported my exploration throughout this year has been the people and the discussions. A huge part of this has been the tutors involved in the project, and I have learned something different from all of them.

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