research journal: a pre-reading/grammar practice task

There was a reading text with comprehension questions the students had to answer as part of their PSD assessment task in the unit Local Services.

The Plan: To identify the verbs in a word cloud & make present simple sentences using these words.

The preparation: I created a Wordle of the text & inserted this into an IWB presentation. A class was created in Ask3 & the code for this class included on the IWB. Students could them take a photo of this to create a video using Ask3.

The lesson: The students had been doing work on the present simple for daily routines with their personal tutor, so I started the session with a quick warmer. Students had list as many verbs as they could think of in 3 minutes & during feedback for this they had to make sentences using these verbs.

I then introduced the word cloud & we did a quick demo all together on the IWB. By this lesson we had used the app Ask3 a few times so students were familiar with taking a photo & inserting this the app. They worked in pairs to make a video where they highlighted the verbs & made simple present sentences.

Following this we discussed what the text may be about based on the topic we’d been covering (Local Services) & they did the reading task. Ask3 was used again here, where I took a photo of the text & recorded myself reading it so that the weaker readers in the group were able to listen, follow & answer the questions. (as I had done in this lesson here)

Evaluation: I am growing to like this app more and more. The students find it very easy to use. Once they have created the video they can quickly watch this & have an opportunity to self and peer correct. I can monitor and support easily in class, & after class I can review the students videos to get a feel for areas they still need to work on. The downside of this app is that the videos only exist within the app itself, here is an example of a couple of students videos that I have recorded on my phone & uploaded to You Tube.

SAMR: I think this task could sit somewhere between augmentation & modification.

The task could be done without the iPads. A print out of the wordle SAMRcould be given for the students to find the verbs & work together to make sentences. They could even write sentences rather than say them. The iPads add functional improvements as students are able to practice repeatedly by re-recording themselves after self and peer checking their videos. Were this done on paper, once the students had identified the verbs on the paper the ‘task’ would be done.

Which is where I think this could also be classed as modification – the fact that students are able to make videos & record themselves is a task re-design, with the benefits that come with this. As well as practicing the present simple, students had lots of opportunities to review the words that would appear in the upcoming reading task.

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