interviews: ESOL tutor

We started the discussion reviewing the tutor’s initial ideas in taking part in the project (this tutor had been unable to attend any of the group meetings including the first one where we shared our initial ideas.)

Her aims in taking part in the project were:

  • to explore the use of the iPads with a group of 16-18 entry 2 ESOL students


  • research apps for specific grammar points, eg adjectives to use in class as extension activities.
  • take pictures of each other and use images to write personal descriptions
  • project work. eg use images to create a visual mood board or a timeline.

Tips to others:

  • “experiment, be confident and enjoy them”
  • draw on the experience of the students when experimenting with new technologies.
  • set ground rules, especially when using photos. Initially students were camera shy & a little reluctant. eg ask permission before taking a photo and delete all photos by the end of the lesson (audio clip form 14mins)

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