Next Steps for Mo …

I have really enjoyed taking part in this action research project. I had the opportunity to write a proposal for my own project as part of the college’s Whole Organisation Approach, but having met with Cathy and Yvonne and seen the work they were doing I thought it was a great opportunity to try action research by joining their project.

I have learned so much this year. My own confidence in both using the iPad myself and having a better understanding of how they can be used with students has really grown and I am really keen to continue with the project next year.

I will have new groups in new locations, and first I need to find out what mobile technologies are available. I really want to start using them straight away with the students so that I can ensure they are introduced as a learning resource right from the start. I want to choose the right group to use the technology with, as I am still not 100% confident using them with large groups I want to keep with my small groups. I also think the iPads will have a greater impact on a smaller group.

One area I would like to explore further is how can I get the iPads linked up to the IWBs so that I can give speedier feedback to students.

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Cathy and undertaking another action research project next year.

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