Mo’s story

Just after the start of the autumn term started, I was approached by my manager Mat, who asked me if I would be interested in using mobile technologies in the classroom in the form of ipads.  My initial thoughts were that I didn’t have much knowledge of the ipad so how could I start to use these with students who may have a lot more knowledge than I have. My daughter has one but I haven’t used it for much other than surf the internet. I am a confident user of a personal computer and its applications and I have qualifications up to Level 3 in ICT but an ipad seemed different.

After further consideration I decided to meet up with Cathy in December. At our initial meeting I was put at ease, Cathy shared her experiences and ideas of using the mobile devices with her students in the classroom and I began to feel that this was something that I could do too. At a further meeting Yvonne also shared her experiences with me; she felt exactly how I felt. Her thoughts were similar to mine ‘Was it worth it’, ‘Do I have the time?’ and ‘Have I got the confidence to do this?’ Having heard their experiences, I began to feel better about the idea knowing that I had their support if needed. A collaborative approach was what I needed.

Cathy loaned me an ipad to take away and become familiar with its functions.  It was important to me to know how to start using this device appropriately and effectively as part of my teaching. I wanted to do this because I am interested in technology and I felt that I could benefit from doing this, an increase of knowledge and my confidence would also ….??

The group I chose to work with were a mixed level group, 16-18, entry level 3 to level 2.  Students were allocated time at the end of the lesson to play – to explore the ipad. We discussed how we could use the ipads in the class, I was now learning from my students. A few of the students in the class already had ipads. They was shown how to navigate I was surprised by one of my entry level students whose knowledge of the ipad was more advanced than the rest of the group.


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