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March 31, 2015Lit Review 14-15, Mo

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The Wordflex Touch Dictionary uses intuitive “mind-mapping” technology to turn word entries into dynamic trees that you can move, shape, rearrange, save and share with touch gestures. Developed exclusively for iPad in association with the Oxford University Press.


I’ve already got a whole bunch of dictionary apps on my iPad, including the excellent, which is free, so I hesitated for quite a while before dowloading the Wordflex Touch Dictionary. However, having read a couple of very positive reviews (see below), I decided to take the plunge. The fact that the app has just been reduced from a hefty $24.99 to a more affordable $11.99 was the clincher. And I have to say I don’t regret my purchase. This is an amazing app which turns exploring the meanings of words into a fun experience. The audio pronunciations in U.K./U.S. English are a real bonus for learners too.


Use the app to create ‘word posters’ for your students. Share screenshots using email/Twitter/Facebook, display in class with PowerPoint, or print a hard copy.


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