Learner feedback: Mo’s functional skills students

June 16, 2015Data 14-15, Mo

The students were asked to evaluate the use of the ipads

The questions asked were:

1. What was the best thing about the class ipads?

The students expressed how they enjoyed being able to do independent research, being given time to explore the apps available, using the online dictionary (dictionary.com)and thesaurus (Visual Thesaurus), use the exisisting apps on the desktop and being given time to play freely on the ipad as a reward at the end of  sessions.  Some students said they enjoyed sharing their knowledge of the ipad with others who were not familiar and they expressed they felt confident in doing so.

Students were given the opportunity to evaluate each session and what they had learnt and they felt this was a good idea to record our activities on the notes app on the ipad.

2. What was the worst thing?

The students said they became very frustrated when on many occasions there was no connectivity to the internet. This was due to the area in the college where the students were based; they had similar problems when using notebooks in the basement area.  The ICT support team were made aware of the issues and were at hand to assist students when these problems arose.

 3. Have they changed how you use mobile tech at home?

Most of the students stated that they do have technology at home but not all students have ipads.  There was only 1 student who did not have access to any mobile tech at home. Some students said they would have liked to be able to take a tablet home to explore its uses further.

I wasn’t really surprised by any of the feedback from the students as these were key themes that had been coming out every week in my class. An interesting point for me has been around one student in particular. This student has very low literacy skills and can be quite challenging to motivate and keep on task in class. However, once I brought the iPads in I saw a very different side to him. He was very confident with the technology & he was very keen to help and support both me and the other students. It was really lovely to see this side of him. I have worked hard this year to get him ‘back on side’ becuase he lost a lot of confidence when he failed his exams last year, and the iPad provided this opportunity.

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