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Top Tips for setting up and storingĀ a class set of iPads:

  1. You can have up to 10 iPads linked to a single iTunes account.
  2. Give each device a name (ours are creatively called ‘iPad 1′, ‘iPad 2′, etc.) Set a picture as a background that represents the name (again, our iPads creatively have images of numbers as their wallpaper)
  3. Turn on ‘automatic download’ on each device. When an app is added to one device, it will appear on them all (as long as they are online)
  4. Find a central, secure place to store and charge the iPads. We used a laptop trolley that has a padlock with a code. No lost keys to worry about.

Writing this it’s hard to remember exactly what a challenge it was to get the iPads into a usable condition, but this was certainly a learning curve. I have since set up another class set of iPads for another department in college and it probably took me about an hour.

  1. […] had been two main challenges. The first was around the technology. I learned a lot about bringing a set of iPads together to create a class set. I also had a very steep learning curve in what to do with the iPads […]

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