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Co-incidental meetings in the corridor would often lead to discussions about how we were using the iPads. After one such meeting with the Maths tutor, she made a decision there and then that ‘Today is the Day’. She went to collect the iPads and she introduced them to her students for the first time.

The plan:

To let students go directly to the app store to search for maths apps to download and evaluate.

The Preparation:

She ensured that she had the iTunes password that she could share with the students (there is no credit card attached to the account so only free apps can be downloaded)

The first class:

Students discussed how there can be so much information on the Internet it’s hard to know what is useful and what is rubbish. The tutor introduced the idea of practicing maths by playing maths games on the iPads and that today they could look at and play different (free) apps.

Students were given the choice to work individually or in pairs. They mainly chose to work individually initially but they discussed in pairs what they liked/disliked about different apps.

The Feedback:

Students really enjoyed the opportunity to explore maths using mobile devices. Different students liked different apps for different reasons and they liked having the choice of what to use while knowing that they had the support of the maths teacher.

The follow-on

In each lesson there was a 20-30 slot where students could have self-directed learning using the iPads. The maths tutor was able to talk about which apps students liked by observing which apps they returned to.

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