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The plan: To use the language experience approach to create a class text based on the PSD topic of Staying Safe. To use a whiteboard app for students to record themselves reading the text.

The preparation: minimal really! I created a class within the Ask3 app ready to share this with the students. I had a blank IWB slide ready & I was aware of the assignment criteria for the PSD unit so I wanted to try to steer the discussions if possible while allowing students to create a class text.

The lesson: We re-capped on activities on Staying Safe that we had covered last week & I started by asking students about their daily routines. We built up a paragraph on the IWB & I had different students read the sentences, identify the capital letters, etc. The next paragraph was based on what they do when they leave the house & how they can ensure the house is kept safe & also about keeping themselves safe outside. We continued to read and re-read the text between students.

Students then took a photo of the text & inserted this into Ask3. They created recordings of themselves reading the text. At this point I was able to read a short section of the text for the beginner student & let her listen to this again at her own pace before she was ready to make her own recording.

Evaluation: I think I spent too long on creating the text as a whole class. For a low level 16-18 group so early in the academic year I need to be conscious of keeping tasks short & snappy. They did OK with re-reading the text on the Ask3 app, but I’m not too sure what added benefit it had over the more traditional language experience approach where students would rearrange the sentences/words & then re-write it.SAMR

SAMR I think this was a straight Substitution task. The technology was simply replacing paper & I’m not too sure how well it replaced it. Had the students been able to rearrange the text in some way that would have added an extra element to the task, but this early in my project I think I was using the tech because it was there rather than for any added benefit.

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