The student groups

We wanted to involve the students as early as possible in the project.

Cathy’s groups: Beginner/E1 16-18 ESOL group and a Year one Cert Ed/PGCE group.

Cathy got started with her beginner /E1 16-18 ESOL class by taking in a range of images/logos of technologies and asking the students to say whether they did or didn’t have  or did/didn’t use them.

It took longer to introduce the project to the Cert Ed/PGCE group as the students had a range of technologies to become familiar with already. These included the college VLE and the university set e-portfolio system using Google Sites. The group also had a course Yammer page. Cathy felt that the students needed time to get used to these systems before introducing something else new.

A session was planned for December on Digital Literacies and it was at this point that the project was introduced and the students were given digital logos and asked to complete a venn diagram to show where they used them.

Yvonne’s groups: Entry 3 maths & a GCSE maths group

Yvonne introduced the project to her groups fairly early on in the project. With her E3 maths group she initially introduced the project, what the aims were and whether they would be happy to take part. The following week Yvonne took the iPads into class for an hour, where students could famiiarise themselves with the technology. The iPads were then used regularly in class for a 20-30 mins slot most weeks.

The GCSE group were initally very excited to be part of the project, and the classroom was changed to be closer to the iPads to make these even more accessible.

There was an inital session with the iPads was shorted than with the E3 group, as these students were all familiar with the technology and needed less support. In this inital 30 minute session some apps were explored.

However, very early on the group made it clear that they wanted their class time to be spent specifically on GCSE content, with the support of Yvonne. They said if they wanted to explore apps they would do this at home in their own time.

Mo’s Group: E3 – L2 Functional Skills (with catering students)


She found the students had good technical skills and needed little support to access the technology, and one student in particular became the class ‘technician’ and supported both Mo and other students in using the iPads.


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