BYOD vs college owned devices

I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of BYOD in education and the assumption not only that students own mobile technologies and bring them into college, but that they are happy to be asked to use them by their teachers.

Last year I spent quite a lot of time exploring WhiteBoard apps on the iPad and for me this seemed to be something that I could only consider doing because I had access to a set of iPads. I don’t think I would feel confident at this stage to be planning an activity that would rely on asking students to download a specific app to their own devices.

Meeting with Yvonne this week it was interesting to hear her views on this. She is an iPad owner (and has a Kindle Fire). Neither of these devices does she bring into work or undertake any kind of work activity on. Last year, when she took part in the project she had access to a college iPad. This she used (almost soley) for work related activity.  She sees a very clear distinction regarding using her own device for work or personal use.

For me, I use my phone and my iPad fairly interchangably, despite one being a personal device and one being a college device. Although, I would say I predominently use my iPad for work acitiviy, but it is a college device so ……  I am not sure that I would buy an iPad, or that if I did, would I bring it into college to use at work.

So how does this link to what we can reasoably expect to ask of students. I think if I  were a student, I think I would consider buying an iPad and I would take it into class with me.  Noteability is my prefered note taking app and this would be invaluable during a class. I also like to be able to check things during a class – I am one of those annoying students who likes to find an answer on Google or to search for something if I find it interesting. If I were a 16-18 year old behaving like this I would be on SOOOOO much trouble! But is there something I would be unhappy with the teacher directing me to do on my own device? I’m not sure.

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