A new year. A new project.

I am really excited about being able to continue this research project for another year. I wanted to move the focus this year away from the tutors collaborating together and bring the students and the classroom practice more to the forefront.

The research questions currently are:

What are the educational benetis of using mobile technology in a classroom setting?

What is the impact of using mobile technologies in the classroom on students’ use of their own devices?

I am excited to be working again with my maths colleague. This will be the third year we have worked together – the first year we did a joint presentation at the RSC-YH regional conference on the Technology for Learning Delivery Course. Last year she took part in the iPad project, you can see the posts relating to her class here.

Last year I realised that the student voice had been initally missing from the project, so an aim for this year is to include the students at an earlier stage.  Yvonne has already made a start with this, and has introduced the project to her two groups – an entry level and a GCSE maths group. This has currently been done ‘informally’, the students will also be asked to sign a consent form to ensure they are aware that they are taking part voluntarily.

I have yet to introduce it to my groups. I want to do it again with my low level ESOL group and with a new Cert Ed/PGCE group. However, I seem to have a few barriers! The low level ESOL group are a much lower level than last year and thier ICT skills are also much lower. I am relectant to introduce too much at this stage and I want to be sure that I am getting genuine concent from them. In terms of the teacher ed group, they already have the VLE, a Yammer page and an e-portfolio to familiarise themselves with. At this stage I am also relucant to overwhelm them too much by adding mobile technologies into the mix.

We will take a  participatory appproach to action research. We will initally ask the students about what technologies they currently have access to and how they use these. This data will be used as our base line. During the year the class set of iPads will be used in class for a mixture of teacher and student-led activities and we will ask for feedback from students on some of these activities. At the end of the project we will interview the students again to find out if there has been any impact on their ownership and use of technologies to support their studies.

Along with data from the student interview this blog will be used as a reflective journal throughout the project.



  1. This promises to be an exciting project Cathy and I am looking forward to the opportunity to get together with other researchers in the North West and Yorkshire and Humberside to share ideas and support each other in your research projects. Students may be using mobile devices in ways that they wouldn’t associate with ‘learning’ so your baseline information will be interesting I am sure… I’ll be following yours and Yvonne’s work with great interest!

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