Recommendations: to tutors

Whatever your experience with using technology both in and outside of your teaching role, your own digital literacy skills or opinions on the role of technology in education we have to accept firstly, that students generally like using technology in the classroom and secondly that the notion of ‘technology’ is a moving beast – that technologies come and go.

With these key issues in mind I would recommend:

  1. Find a partner or small group of tutors who can experiment together with new technologies. Having a sounding board for ideas, inspiration and the sometimes needed little push is a really valuable aspect of professional development.
  2. Get a trusted colleague to come into your classroom for a peer observation. There is huge value in getting another perspective,  both in terms of reassuring you about what is working well and getting objective feedback to help figure out what you can do to improve it.
  3. Involve your students in your experimenting. Let them know that you are trying something new and why and that you need their help in figuring out if it works or not.

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