Discussion – learning from long(er) term action research

Getting started with exploring new technologies and new pedegogies can be a challenge.  Both Yvonne and Cathy overcame barriers last year in getting started and Mo (and Farah) has experienced the same barriers this year. Mo really appreciated knowing that how she was feeling is how we’d felt last year, and this supported her in taking the plunge. Another issue has been the tutors’ nerves about introducing the technology to the students – are we using the tech in an appropriate way? How will students respond to the tech?

What we learned this year is that if the students respond positively then this is really exciting and opens more doors to the tutor exploring what is possible with the technology.

If the students don’t like it, don’t use it.

These quandaries didn’t change for Cathy and Yvonne this year, despite having done this with students before. Asking questions and undertaking small action research projects is a continual cycle and emphasises the need for continual professional development activity, whether this is with digital technologies or not.

Additionally, digital technology adds to the pedagogic repertoire available to support learners and learning. To make informed decisions about what uses of digital technologies might make learning better everyone, …… That might include informed decisions to not use digital technology of course. ETAG report p.7

As our confidence has grown in using the technology, then we, the tutors, have felt less pressure to use the technology. The ‘natural’ times to use the technology is there. In the beginning it was felt strongly by the tutors that they MUST use the technology. Now, we are just as confident not to use it.

It has been interesting this year to see how what aspects from the project last year have been confirmed, whilst also answering (and asking) more questions.


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