Conclusions, Recommendations & Next Steps

June 1, 2015Farah


My inital action research project had been to use the iPads with one group of students. I now have introduced them to all my students. They’ve all loved it. My 16-18 group have really really loved it. I love that they provide some variety to the class, they bring energy to the classroom. I love that I can see my students engaged and learning while using the iPads. I never dictate to them what to do on the iPads, they provide students the chance for independent study. The good apps have assessment built in so the students can easily see if they have done it correctly.

I believe that my students deserve to have access to the latest technologies and how these can help them learn. I needed to overcome my own barriers to do this and undertaking supported action research has helped me do this. Here are my simple recommnedatations for other tutors:


  1. Overcome the fear. Just go for it. Take a risk.
  2. Find someone to support you.
  3. Involve your students.

Next Steps

I would love to have the chance to do another action research project. I’d want to continue using the iPads and maybe work in 1 or 2 students who have their own devices and look at how they are using their own technologies. I have ideas – I’ll need a mentor to help me formulate them for next year!


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