Learner Feedback: BYOD, maths apps & supporting children’s learning

May 13, 2015Data 14-15

One of the major points brought up in the E3 class by the students with young school aged children was that they are spending more time with them doing maths homework and using maths apps with them. For example, one student said that while traveling on the bus, she gave one of her children her phone and instead of putting a game on she put the penguin maths app. She said her child loves this app.

The same student also talked about how she is more confident in doing more every day maths exercises with her child e.g.  While out  shopping they are rounding the cost of items and reading the labels together.  This student is also  in the E2 English class so it is great ot see a maths/English cross over here.

This student has recently got a job and says she is very happy with life, she has a job, is learning more with her children & her confidence is growing.

Another student with a slightly older child, who does not have any technology, is now going to the local library and using their PC and looking on the my maths website with him.

Other students have said that they feel more confident in using technology within the home to look at not just maths apps but also researching things for their English work.

The two students that do not have any technology feel that they can access it now through either college or their local Library.

Another student has also got a job that uses technology and feels comfortable using it.

All the students have said that they have enjoyed using the class iPads.

Yvonne to add something after talking to her GCSE group on Weds

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