Find Time to Talk

Throughout this project it has been nice that we have had the “time to talk”.  With only two of us at the beginning it felt that we had time to talk, support and encourage each other.

A key factor in this is that we have had the same time spot free (we always met at 3.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon).  This was not the case last year when there were 5 people involved in the project and Cathy had to meet everyone at a different time and place. 

Looking at Michael Fielding’s definition of JPD –“ Learning new ways of working through mutual engagement that opens up and shares practices with others” having this time and place to meet is essential.

At these time we have been able to evaluate our lessons as we went along, write our  reflective journal and talk through any problems we may be having i.e. technical issues. We have shared stories about our students and classes and have also been able to support each other throughout.


  • Find a buddy.
    • Someone you trust & get along with, who has the same ‘free’ time during the week.
    • Someone with a common interest in CPD.
    • Someone interested in undertaking collaborative practitioner research


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