Recommendations: ground rules, iPad skills & routines with students

Ground Rules

When you first introduce the iPads, or the use of any mobile technology,  to your students consider what ground rules you need to negotiate with students. Possible ground rules include:

  • don’t log into facebook or other social media apps on shared devices or ensure you remember to log out when finished.
  • don’t take photos of anyone in class without first asking permission
  • use mobiles for work purposes only in class
  • log out of wifi, close all apps and shut down the iPad at the end of class.

Access to wifi

The college wifi access is through eduroam. Students need to log into the wifi at the beginning of each class using their college username and password. This can be done as students come into the classroom and soon becomes a part of the class routine when iPads are used.

At the end of class consider giving 1 or 2 students the responsibility of ensuring each iPad has been logged out of the wifi, that all apps have been closed and the iPads shut down. This helps with battery life & allows the next users of the iPads to start afresh.

iPad skills

Draw on students knowledge of using their own smartphones to introduce iPad specific skills. Consider initial tasks to be used on the iPad that can develop specific skills such as:

  • home button
  • access to the keyboard
  • access to the magnifier to move the cursor
  • swipe between apps
  • opening and closing apps
  • moving apps and creating folders
  • copy and paste functions
  • taking a screen shot & accessing this in photos
  • editing functions in photos
  • voice control via siri


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