a reflection on methodology: my voice in the project

One thing that I struggled with a lot during the data collection and data analysis part of the project was how I could include my experiences in this final project report. At one point I wondered if I needed to have someone come to interview me, in the way that I had interviewed the other tutors, but this didn’t feel right.

Recognition that a reflective journal was a valid data tool for action research came quite late in the project & drawing on posts from my own blog & more informal notes I have made throughout the year has been a really valuable data tool.

Having the support from my mentor at emCETT was really valuable to help me recognise what I had to contribute to the project. Although I had taken a lead in terms of coordinating the meetings and setting up the iPads, in terms of using the iPads in class with my students I was very much an equal with the other tutors.

When I was feeling despondent that the group meeting/collaborating aspect of the project had not worked out as planned it helped to be able to step back and look at what collaboration had occurred and what impact this had had. It was then that  I was able to see there had been a lot of collaboration, but much of this had been spontaneous. It was based on chance meetings in the corridors, or quick chats around the kettle rather than planned, formal meetings.

A final note on ‘finding my voice’ is around pulling this ‘report’ together. Not being tied to a formal, linear structure of a Word document has been quite liberating. I certainly feel that I have learnt a lot about the project through undertaking this process, it’s helped me be able to pull together all the different elements into a cohesive whole & I feel excited about continuing to have control over the project through this dissemination tool.

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