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The SAMR model doesn’t fully work for describing using a class set of iPads. It is a useful model for considering teacher-led activities, but the tutors in this research have had a stronger focus on student-led activities. It is at this point that the SAMR model falls down.


As the use of mobile technologies links so closely with the potential for students using their own devices it would be useful for tutors to ask the following questions:

1. Do I want to direct the students in a particular use of their mobile device (a) or do I want them to have the choice of how they complete a task. (b)

SAMR ladder



2. (a) Use the SAMR question model to consider how the technology changes your task.



2. (b) If the students are being given a choice in how when to use their mobile device, the teacher must ask two more questions. (i) The iPad is given to the students and they choose what they want to practice, within set parameters, or (ii) A task is set & students can choose whether using a mobile device will help them with the task.

Another model that may be useful is the TPACK model. Here is a 2 minute video to explain this model:

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