interviews: ESOL & Foundation Studies tutors

These tutors were interviewed together.

Foundation Studies Tutor

How she had used the iPads:

  • The iPads were used for a specific project around designing an imaginary garden


  • portability – students were able to walk around college for inspiration and record ideas on the iPad, particularly the college’s sensory garden
  • access – there is only one room available with I.T.
  • internet access – used for research for herbs and cooking ideas, looking at differeny garden centres & costing undertaken on the B&Q websites

other uses:

  • students taking photos on the iPad and uploading these straight to a shared padlet page.
  • good for inductions


  • the single iPad the tutor had access to was an iPad 1, which doesn’t have a camera
  • Access to the class set was not very convenient as the foundation studies department is a long way from the Flexible Learning Centre

ESOL tutor

Her aims for taking part in the project:

  • to investigate various ways the iPads could be utilised in an ESOL class


This tutor had yet to introduce the iPads to her students. She had had some time off work due to ill health and had not had time to play around with the iPads to familiarise herself with them and felt that she needed support from the group to share ideas.

Below are some initial ideas from the tutor, with current issues with ‘getting started’

  • language work, eg adjectives. Take photos on the iPads and make notes to describe things, ie in noteability. We discussed the app Educreations, but the tutor felt she wasn’t confident enough with this app yet.
  • send students a sound file on the iPad for students to listen to and answer questions. Advice is needed to how this could be done.

Support & potential meeting times

Both tutors talked about how they would value meeting with other tutors to share and discuss ideas & how they missed the weekly sessions from the Technology for Learning course last year. We struggled to find a convenient time that everyone was available.

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