Getting Started: Access, Interest & Barriers – maths

Yvonne introduced the project to her two groups (E3 and GCSE maths groups) fairly early on in the year. Before repeating the digital logo task from last year Yvonne felt it was important to introduce the students to the project and to the technology before asking them what they already had and what they already used. Everyone said they were happy to take part in the project. They understood taking part would involve some paperwork-filling and some questions but the focus would be on using the technology and how this would help them with their maths.

Venn Diagram

Digital Logos task


Entry 3 Maths Group

The first time the iPads were taken into class the students had an hour to ‘play’ with them and there were more discussions around what they used their own devices for.  Student’s talked about using them for social media and for playing games. Student’s with kids talked about helping their kids with homework on the iPads. Others said their kids were so speedy with the technology that they never used them themselves.

The aims of the upcoming sessions were to familiarise the students with the technology, logging into the wifi, accessing apps, where are the apps, etc.& to look at possible issues such as if the wifi is down what can the iPads still be used for.

GCSE maths Group

As with the E3 group the GCSE group were given 1 hour to ‘play’ with the iPads. However, this group only meets once a week so they will not have the same amount of time to explore the technology that the E3 group have. Everyone in the GCSE group have some kind of technology already. One student asked if she could use her own iPad in this lesson, another has already said she will bring her own tablet in from next week

Access Differences

The differences between these two groups was evident from the beginning of the project. Everyone in the GCSE group had their own technologies, whereas some students in the E3 group didn’t. The GCSE students seemed more willing to bring and use their own devices whereas the E3 students were expressing concerns about losing it or having it nicked if they brought it to college.


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