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The plan: To use the language experience approach to create a class text based on the PSD topic of Staying Safe. To use a whiteboard app for students to record themselves reading the text.

The preparation: minimal really! I created a class within the Ask3 app ready to share this with the students. I had a blank IWB slide ready & I was aware of the assignment criteria for the PSD unit so I wanted to try to steer the discussions if possible while allowing students to create a class text.

The lesson: We re-capped on activities on Staying Safe that we had covered last week & I started by asking students about their daily routines. We built up a paragraph on the IWB & I had different students read the sentences, identify the capital letters, etc. The next paragraph was based on what they do when they leave the house & how they can ensure the house is kept safe & also about keeping themselves safe outside. We continued to read and re-read the text between students. Read more ►

Getting Started: the tutors

The tutors

The tutors

The first meeting of the tutors from the Technology for Learning Delivery course happened in September. Unfortunately, despite the best of intentions at the end of the course, it was never possible for everyone to find an agreed time to meet all together.

Here is an outline of individual ideas (from those who made this first meeting )for how they can use the iPads with their students.

ESOL tutor

Has experience of using a single iPad in a class and wants to explore using a class set. Currently thinking about ways to ‘sell’ it to the students so they can use technology for communication and collaboration. Interested to see if using mobile technology will make her job (as a language teacher) easier & how using iPads will differ from using mobile phones or laptops.

Teacher Education

Has experience of encouraging and supporting trainee teachers on part time in-service programs. Has asked her year 2 returners if they have access to mobile technologies. She has an assignment on making resources inclusive and want to explore how the JISC resources can be linked to the iPads.


Wants to compare using maths apps with higher and lower level maths groups

ESOL/Teacher Education    

I had a new group of 16-18 E1 ESOL students for PSD and ICT. I have never taught this age group or these functional skills qualifications before. I want to see what skills the students need to be able to access the iPads, how these are similar or different to desktop skills. I also want to explore the SAMR model to see what added extras we get from using mobile technologies.