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It was really useful to get together with an ESOL colleague to discuss using the class iPads and we were both reminded of how important collaboration is – not only to get ideas but mainly as a motivation to try new things with the technology.

From the meeting I came away with a short to do list:

1. review access to the iPads. There are several people using the iPads now and it’s important people know they can plan to use them so we need to ensure the system for this is working OK

2. Neither of us had ever asked the students to access the VLE on their own devices or on the class iPad. We thought having them accessing the VLE on the iPads initally may encourage them to think about accessing it on their own devices, so we set up a VLE link button on the Home Screen. We now need to think about how we can set up At Home tasks to encourage using the college VLE outside class.

3. Folders – as more and more apps were being added the Home Screen were becoming crowded. We reviewed how to make folders & we need to let people know that they can create folders at any time, but really one person needs to have an overview of all the devices to keep them ‘tidy’

4. Overcoming Tech issues: sometimes when the wifi doesn’t connect the first time if you use the ‘forget this network’ and then reconnect it then works. Students need support in getting onto the wifi initally.


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