A mid-point review: maths & a freedom to choose in class

May 6, 2015Data 14-15

The original plan had been to undertake the digital logo task with each group to provide a starting point to the project. However, Yvonnne already knew that some of the students in the E3 maths group didn’t have any technologies so felt that the digital logo task wouldn’t be approopriate to use in the class.

Instead, Yvonne lead a whole-class discussion on the different types of technologies everyone had and how these were used in everyday life.

Class Discussion on Tech Ownership

Class Discussion on Tech Ownership

There were two students in the group that didn’t own any technology. Everyone else had at least a smart phone, and some people also have a phone and a tablet or laptop. Yvonne, as the teacher, had owned the most amount of technology & she talked to the students about the similarities and differences between how she used these.

At this point of the project the E3 students are still very keen to be using the class set of iPads in class time. Most weeks Yvonne would finished the planned class 20-30 minutes early to allow the students freedom to choose the maths apps to ‘play’.

The GCSE group all owned various technologies. They use the technologies for work and leisure and were very comfortable and confident in using it. The group had made it clear when the project was first introduced that they didn’t  want to use the class time to use maths apps as they felt they were able to do this at home in their own time.

Periodically in lesson, there would be discussions around what apps the students were using at home.

The suggests that the class set of iPads were not needed for this group, who have their own technologies, but there was a need to have a freedom/space in class to dicsuss and share maths apps they had found.


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